Title: LIFE League U

Genre: Documentary


"LIFE League U" is a heartwarming documentary that follows the incredible journey of a group of determined young women in Lagos, Nigeria, as they strive to fulfill their dreams of becoming professional basketball players and earning college scholarships through the collaborative efforts of Sport Nations 365, LIFE League, and their dedicated mentors.

The story begins with Coach Olusegun Imah, the passionate leader of Sport Nations 365, a philanthropic organization in Lagos that mentors youth through sports. His vision attracts the attention of Jeff Tarver and JaMelle Hill from LIFE League in the United States, and together, they embark on a mission to transform the lives of these promising Nigerian athletes.

The documentary highlights the struggles and triumphs faced by these young women as they balance their athletic training, virtual college education, and life skills mentoring provided by the program. With the unwavering support of Coach Imah, Jeff, and JaMelle, the girls are given the tools they need to overcome societal challenges, pursue their dreams, and ultimately change the narrative for female athletes in Nigeria.

Shot in a captivating, observational style, LIFE League U showcases the raw emotions, resilience, and hard work that goes into the making of future basketball stars. The film serves as a testament to the power of sports and mentorship in creating opportunities and empowering young women, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Get ready to be inspired by the captivating stories of these young athletes as they rise above their challenges and compete for a brighter future, both on and off the court. Life League U is a testament to the strength, courage, and unwavering determination that lies within the hearts of these extraordinary young women.