Sheila Harrison-Middleton 

Scholarship Fund

Sheila, a fervent advocate for educational empowerment, established MiddletonEdu, a nonprofit dedicated to hosting impactful programs and mobilizing resources to award educational scholarships to students in need. Her unwavering commitment has significantly influenced numerous youth, offering them the opportunity to chase their aspirations and realize their full potential.

Currently, Sheila is courageously battling cancer, which has unfortunately limited her capacity to lead MiddletonEdu with the same vigor as before. Recognizing the profound impact of her contributions, LIFE League is dedicated to preserving her legacy by continuing the vital fundraising efforts for the Sheila Harrison-Middleton Scholarship Fund. In alignment with our commitment to support the community comprehensively, 50% of the resources raised will be dedicated to assisting caregivers of cancer patients, acknowledging the critical role they play in the care and support system of those battling cancer.

Your contribution will play a crucial role in providing scholarships and essential resources to students globally who are deprived of access to quality education. Additionally, by supporting the Sheila Harrison-Middleton Scholarship Fund, you not only pay tribute to Sheila's lifelong mission to uplift through education but also extend a helping hand to the caregivers of cancer patients, offering them the support they desperately need. Together, we can make a significant impact, honoring Sheila’s dedication to education and her fight against cancer by changing the lives of deserving students and supporting those who care for them.

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